Friday, 26 June 2015

Plastic surgery for plastic people

No offence to burn victims, or those afflicted with terrible injuries, which sadly are mostly done by other people; 'to other people'... "not to themselves".. not those with facial abnormalities caused by many factors including cancer and birth mutation..

Nothing heavy, but just a tad Morose.. it just occured to me that plastic surgery is ''self mutilation by proxy''... might as well get a knife and do it to yourself, oh; and while you'r there, with it in your hand.. dont forget to cut off.. the ugliest part of you altogether; first, "Your Heart"...

I just had a bad day... at the whorehouse.. couldn't get laid for love nor money... or lay one up, lick a slit or suck a clit... the weather is so hot even the Roaches are feeling randy.. the only real relief... Is MAKE BELIEVE... lol.. lmfao..

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