Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Road to Jihad

The Road to Jihad leads to a wasteland... of wasted weary warriors with wives who wish they had stayed at home... An Army of Fools fighting in futility for a bombsite.. that used to be a town of well mannered pleasant people.. who knew pleasure and deserved Happiness from hard work sweat and toil..

But then Morons with Sharia Law broke down the door, to the town the village and outpost, to instill their superior Morality.. and observance of modesty humility and slavery.. Your Morality is the immorality of psychopathology... You are nothing more than Gangsters who joined a group of misfits that seems to think like them.. its dark pseudo psycho mythology of an illiterate child rapist called Mohammed.. the last liar of all false theologies.. and empty promises..

Jihad; a Free For all.. to soak your greatest perversions in.. murder blood and running semen from the birth canal of a Virgins Vulva.. who you shot dead after raping them.. a Rapist's Dream of endless victims to dominate subjugate and even detonate when you get bored, and want a new slave whore to terrify and gain satisfaction from... by overpowering domination, which is the definition of raw Islam.. a monstrous dictate of hate and arbitrary rules and prejudice..

The Road to Jihad ends up at ground zero where they will kiss Ass unto themselves... there can never be peace amongst them as they will "go Stalin" as total power corrupts, and they will all eventually find a flaw in every one they live among.. it's already started, their paranoia is so relentless they will see an ungodly enemy in any friendly face, and when you see kindness as weakness you are Doomed to be vanquished.. as the meek outnumber the bad.. and one day... what you did to my Father will kill your only son..

and their line in the sands of time will be blown away by Natures greatest cleanser.. the wind; The Rain and Sunshine... 

not to mention an Ocean of tears and determination by a breed of people's who are really better than you.. in all measurable aspects manner and means..

Nobody has a better Class of Bullshit than the Christians... it's true Madness made "simple".. and so passive...

Only Rocks and mountains, have potential eternity's, never the wild mad ravings of a mere Man deluded by the heat of the Desert.. and the lust to kill all personal freedom as he has none Himself... Islam is the poison of a Cobra with a bite you survive all the way to Hell: with no Virgins no power or pleasure, just flames of torment to the lost dead souls that Had no Mercy... therefore deserve NONE in return...

as they follow a deluded fatally flawed fool who fell into the Animal mind of ignorance.. and just followed the "Desire to Defecate Disseminate and Destroy.. wherever the feeling takes you:

The rest of the World is coming to Get You.. Eventually.. even Arabs are joining in the turkey shoot.. 

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