Friday, 6 February 2015

Vladimir Putin Loves Shootin..

My dear old teddy bear loving Russian hunter Killer Vlad Putin the Rasputin who needs shootin.. Sex is not enough for him, he loves assassination too.. blood is the Colour of the flag and; its his personal fetish... Vladimir Putin Loves Hunting.. PEOPLE.. by Proxy.. the harder the target the more he enjoys it.. the more gruesome the destruction, the better..

Like any Blood crazed Hunter..

He always fucks on a Period... he just loves that blood running down his shaft.. but he is the shaft.. how ironic.. He is the anti homosxual who is actually going to fuck himself?.. and the fucking rest of us...

dont go to Tea with other old SPIES in Hotels in Dear old Londinium.. and not expect to be shafted by the king of shafts.. that fuckker Putin who some one should start Shootin... Murder is his private hobby, and assassination even by proxy... is a masterful game only a power laden opportunity given thieving plutocrat and manipulator would think himself as the "trigger finger" the means, and the Gun is not the fact... he who initiated it, is the king pin Malefactor.. just look at his Swagger.. as he walks... there are poisons and bullets in his thoughts..

the Order is the Trigger... the untraceable finger.. always points back at you.. Vlad the Bad.. since he had plastic surgery he looks more like Vlad the Sad...

Dont get me Wrong I bet he is a Charming Chap; to his friends.. just thank God.. He is not Dorian Grey.. Cryogenics is His destiny, to be perfectly preserved like Stalin; only with the terrifying possibility of his later.. "Reanimation"... sounds like an Opera from Hammer Horror..

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