Saturday, 8 November 2014

Me N Taylor Swift...

OK I am going to tear down "the walls of Heartache" Last Morning, coz I only dream when the sun comes up.. and dont usually get up till at least 1pm.. Why because I got a wasted worthless life "any objections"!..

Before I forget it all.. here is the Dream... uh.. No First let's have kinda a Disclaimer:

Firstly; Ahem... I want to say, I admire Taylor Swift a Lot, She is a great American, first and a Girl.. a buisness woman who knows what she wants and GETS IT... who has never been on my Radar, in terms of , uh; like, dubious carnal desire etc.. and all that entails, I'm not saying she's Ugly, not at all She has an amazingly Symmetrical face, Dammit she is one Helluva Pretty Gal... but to me She is not that Kind of My Cup of Tea..

I even bought Red (the album 4 those who dont know) coz some (4) of those tracks are great when driving.. and reducing stress.. but I wouldn't really call myself a Fan who lives and breaths to stalk or get closer... AHH no thanks... I cant help the randomness of my dreams can I!... so shut up, or am i accidently beating myself up for things I never did or intended to do!... the more I try to explain the more insane I sound... thats an interesting paradox and an irony?... coz I'm not like that... my unconscious always tells the truth so believe it, coz my body is asleep as I type autonomously.. like a zombie.. as a zombie of pop art..

OK I dont dislike or fantasise about her.. Shes too darn nice to steal even a momentary carnal thought.. Please Believe me.. if I did if you read my DEEP BACKLOG... you'll deduce this Dude is 100% safe, if say.. I happened to find myself alone with her at some crazy opportunity.. I would be very embarrassed, and I'd be perfectly respectable, I aint no pervert anymore since I hit 60 I dont have any energy for silly power games with limp helpless girls.. Not that I ever did.. I hope you get the silly-ness... I love to mix Humour with profund truth..

Alright at last the Dream...

I was backstage at a concert or a Massive Disco and behind the curtains of deep dark Burgundy Velvet, out of nowhere there was a refreshment bar with sandwiches and a coffee Barista.. and there was a skinny girl looking away with striking blonde Hair... She turned toward me as I asked for a coffee and grabbed a sandwich.. I looked at Her like a block of salt.. are you coming? She said.. Where to I didnt know... I followed Her like She Said... and we went to a narrow corridor that led to a balcony..

Then I saw the concert she had just done like a replay that took a few seconds.. it was a Charity for children and UN.. and I looked at Her and just started crying in my sleep, and I said all gushy and importunately.. Your doing such good work I so admire your creativity and your big giving heart to those less well of (or words to that effect) then we had a brief conversation, and She asked me to come to the after Show party..

I got a little too over chatty, and I think I pissed Her off at one point, She still spoke back to me polightly, then there was another room, where we stayed for a while "some people where changing clothes" Taylor was hanging in there, twice smiling when I looked at her, then She said come on Were goona Miss it... so the entourage all drifted away...

and I was rolling a Joint.. and as I licked it and lit it up I was at the end of the queue.. and I got to this big limozine with clothes some hanging out the windows, and I got to the back window which was open, and I was too humble to shout, and I said gently "Is there any room in there" I didnt see Taylor at all, maybe a different Car?.... then like overpowered american cars do, it squealed as it accelerated away from me..

I was fucking Bereft and Heartbroken... I woke up with a soaking pillow from my tears.. first thing I said to "No-one there" thanks..(Neil Diamond)" Taylor... my eyes still weeping, I was just with Taylor Swift and the car pulled off....

it was so real I can still feel the disappointment and rejection... cut like a knife though all the crap I said to her.. Which was no wonder why the car pulled away... I tried to know too much by asking her too many questions... which I then remembered.. but will not be added here...

no nothing Awful... just tedious repeated dumb questions and over friendly gesticulations to be considered Halal or Kosher for such a bunch of High powered Kids... She "Taylor has had a lot of that.. no doubt...

at the same time I'd still love to be left on a desert Island Naked from a Shipwreck with Her... just to prove I'm a friendly Granddad and not a Rapist.. the first thing I would do is give her my Tie to use as a G-string.. becuse we were having Dinner when we got into trouble with a few damn reefs that ripped the Bloody hull off..

Most of All I like TS coz She is a Good Sport ! and can take a fake at face value.. and still be polite.. I would love to be in one of Her songs as the good old man who wasnt dirty... or a video.. as a background artist..

Oh Shit.. I just realised... I'm a damn Fan..
Who Cares? it's Ok; and not Morally unhealthy to admire a Gal for her Genius instead of Her Genitals.. 

please read my Blog named

it would be cool if She ever heard about this Blog, that She would Condense it's meaning into a song that empowers Girls to seek beyond a Handsome face into the grace of a good soul, Beauty is what you end up loving, even if it is ugly to other people... like John And Yoko.. lets be Honest Yoko is not just plain UGLY she's a mean dour bitch as well.. the total inversion of our dear "Taylor"..

Who Is TS Equal... Jesus Christ would be a good Boyfriend, only such a Guy could match Her Quality of Character... Coz I believe She dont take shit from Nobody! get a gun Girl... and learn how to use it.. Good men do not exist, except Your Dear Dad..

I bet he agrees with me!

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