Saturday, 8 November 2014

Ageing IS Cancer

We are programmed to expire... Retire and die.. and heres Why.. You are a link in a chain of 2% strength.. "let's say.. we are like sentient ant's" who work furiously and selflessly for the greater cause.. we do the same when opposing collective minds enmasse = War... until we out kill ourselves in the last heinous Act..  

it seems right we have a Die By Date.. as a wicked man with a 3,000 year lifespan... is the nightmare of unlimited suppression, Mathematically it all equals out to 70 years... the right and the just will always survive.. not necessarily.. its a coin flip... the Adulterer always kills the Cuckoo... the step sibling who is bigger always destroys the younger's confidence... thats why I hate My half brother, he was a cunt with teeth from hell itself all my early life, and even raped me! when his girlfiend kicked him out..  were all rape victims inflicted by cretins... so what?..

No-one has the Advantage.. Nobody... the future of us all is a game of dangerious Roulette.. the poor in heart and rich in spirit have no Advantage!... niether the self appointed Good or Bad... only the deviously devilish will win... Britian had Alan Turing, America Had Einstein.. Thank God for Jews.. the cleverest People ever to achieve what many dont believe.. including Jesus, who wasn't all bad... a bit of a drunk and a Pot smoker, got a bit aggressive on occasion but in all, but he wont snitch on you.. be assured..

When Pakistan gives the atomic warheads to jihadists.. as we speak... who then do their damnedest to fuck the rest of us up.. I foresee the first Van delivered Atomic bomb will be Paris?... Why "because it is the sins of the west Manifest" the most deviant and self serving... city of 7 sins the whole wide World ever saw..

Anyway back to the point of this outburst of random rhetoric... there is enough DNA that is "switched off" to end this 70 lifespan evens out to... Globally!

if you could really manipulate the 2% of DNA that is used!.. 98% of our first building blocks are "BLANK & UNUSED" we are a fraction of our true potential.. we could have brains the size of Whales and a Hopefully Morality and intelligence to match, but nothing is certain, when playing God with "manipulation unnatural" our Friends from above will help us.. after all we are their property..

only in mathematics is the/a perfect incorruptible truth, no Court or Law can stand against it, it is the ONLY place where terms like SACRED exist in unassailable truth, a Computer is the manifestation before your eyes that what I just said is incontrovertible... Numbers Dont Lie? unless they are Government Statistics... which are massaged and masturbated out the mouths of dicks... who lie to win your trust..  every Rapist could be so described...

The Lottery is so close to the Divine.. as to be pages in a Book of Suffering.. to those who dont win... and refuse to believe in the randomness of that momentary Fuck from that old Whore Luck..

Judge a person not by their Wealth good Looks or Fame, but by their humanity and compassion, if we all had just a little we could do it all!...

God Loves Losers, come and Join the Lost...

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