Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Canada loses virginity..

22/10 the day Canada loses its virginity... Yup.. finger fucked by Islam.. it stiffens the eye and fills the Biceps with adrenaline saturated hot blood pumping.. to get a grip on this minor yet maddening attack on the liberty of all Canadians..

What Tragic exciting news.. Drama for real; not some fiction passed off as a Thriller... Exciting because it quickens the Spirit!, makes you draw breath in amazement.. shocking horrible = Exciting... most of all it doesn't affect me... so one can sit back and wallow in the Horror.. and suppurate in Hatred for all things Islamic... till My heart Bursts for Vengeance, and Retribution.. These Guys are looking for a showdown.. I hope to God they "taste the fear they create"... and develop a conscience to ask for mercy... because these people deserve none, and they have no heart, because hate is all they know..

to make fear and loathing in a previously peaceful place, where life is Free and Wonderful.. a Beautiful City with Fine Folk.. who enjoy Liberty from mindless oppression..

and at the same time try to reconcile all the other emotions it opens within you... you pay money to see horror films, this is free and it's sadly reality... and it involves the organic software I despise most.. Bloody Islam.. not a religion or even a cult, but misinformation to the hearts of the innocent who get tainted and dehumanised by its repetitive enforced learning to in those madrassas they send young Boys... to constantly recite the abominations and blasphemy's of Mohammed's Mindless psychopathic ravings, to all mankind, the lies and gut churning immorality of this disgusting doctrine of humourless strict misery forced into vulnerable children's minds, 

this feels like 9/11 in many ways.. will it be remembered as 22/10?.. the dates are the best way to configure them in one's memory.. it's the best abbreviation to identify these Acts of Hatred, perhaps one day they will fill every day of the year, so that wont always be as easy to recollect..

I am appalled at the Hatred these people created in my Soul, yes not my heart.. in the next life I will remember it!.. Evil comes from a once Sweet and kindly Child, who has been raped by the spirit of a wicked fiction that other simple but wicked men "perpetuate".. into ad infinitum?... how far do we have to go.. to react to these affronts to our chosen way of life and culture, such acts of Cultural Vandalism as this cowardly set of incidents, deserve a slow and painful demise... from the soul to the hole.. but hang on 

We are supposed to be the civilised ones..  Thats! our Problem.. we are too flaccid and easy going, to equal their totalitarian resolve.. please bring us a Leader who is 71% Alexander 20% Jesus.. and 9% Hitler.. he got things done.. even as a Moron I would rather Live in a Land whos values are based on Christianity than some one hit wonder fraud who was himself a Murderer and a Rapist, it is the difference between Heaven and Hell itself.. Choose West.. to Hell with Haram!!


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