Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pe@ce = Hard shit

Pe@ce on Earth and goodwill to all Mankind.. 
O sure.. the sucker punch fools anthem...

As if... all the great Art is in the past, 
nothing is gonna last.. yet we cling to "things"

The greatest Achievement of a failure is 
a successful suicide.. it is a brave decision and quite rightly an admired almost mystical self giving that has no other equal, it is an almost divine gift, to nothingness... and all the money saved by the state.. is a treasure to mankind..

I think moor's law people should kill themselves.. exponentially
it will save me the cowardice of doing it myself..

a coward must die a billion deaths before he gets free from hell. the hell of regret never to forget.. 

do me a big favor.. God.. I dont want to get born again either... I donate my soul to the greater whole.... maybe they can make better use of it;

I'm sick of it all,.. for the moment, but remember whatever is to be... it passes, like the tides and the Moon.. 

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