Friday, 5 September 2014

A Day without hate..

Please before it's too late... can we have one day without Hate, or an hour? how long you got? you try it; its hard...

Please People.. could we try at least.. a little; to generate less hate..  both personal intimate and by proxy.. some must defend to kill by chance, but there are those who kill for a text.. which detonates the bomb of religious Egotism and arrogance that preaches an entitlement to kill; and a permit to ravage the innocent.. then get 72 Virgins; after you raped several hundred already.. it's all the on Muslim Check list to the absolute conclusion, and abomination of this Hollow empty cult of Black shadows from the pith of dark hearts who infect young minds with the blatant lies that is the bad faith of Islam.. 

Christianity v Islam is a conflict to the bitter end and is Terminal... the word Love never appears in any English translation of the Islamic Holy Book... whereas in the Bible it's 697 times.. who would you feel safer with?... as I was trying to say and feel.. While they exist... it's impossible not to hate every single one of them... there are no Moderate Muslims, only frauds who play the "waiting Game"... while they out breed us; the demographics are hard to ignore... and time will show me right... nevertheless...

Ironically I'm an Atheist, But I am ROOTING FOR THE CHRISTIANS.. where the fuck are They?... did their balls suddenly drop off..

Wouldn't it be great, to have a no hate day!.... does that finally Qualify me as a Scum-sucking Moron... will you join me in quintessence of acceptance of such a day... Let's make it any-day you choose; and collectively we can make it a week, of even a month; a year seems almost impossible.. but a tiny trickle of electric positives may persuade you to do less, hurt, less hate.. less bade fate...

and maybe that wave will ripple in the ether of other minds who are receptive, however evil... the redemption of man is a Story that is already nonsense to believe, so just let's see if we ragged army of misfits who want to belong.. can pull off the greatest feat of all time... 'to love one another' how embarrassing I am sucking yet?... what is this Walt Disney..?

I nearly forgot what I was describing.. O yes, one less slap to your wife.. try and make it a dozen..  is all i am asking.. go LOVE when you feel so much hurt you wanna hurt others for no real significant rational reason.... other than to make yourself feel worse for hurting someone you care about... then blaming it on yourself x2 and hanging yourself for misdemeanour's..

Whats wrong with everybody? am I the only bore at the dinner table... sorry to interrupt your Tia Maria and Coffee Rococo... the safety you feel will soon be a memory you forgot to recall at the time... Spend all your money Honey and blow kisses while you still have lips... coz skulls can't kiss.... and cunnilingus requires a tongue..

Look into the Ashtray with all its finished twisted butt's... it's a montage of in-Humanity a vision of your illusion of controlling luxury... the product controls you... because it is relentlessly desirable and is hard wired into your neurones.. 

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