Saturday, 7 June 2014

How to spot a Ghost..

I'm deadly serious.. You see them every day but just dont realise it.. every one you know is a ghost until you see them again.. Ghosts live like in a semi permanence a kind of long elastic now as you see it... someone who you met and laughed with only the other day.. 

was found dead in a multiplex Cinema, only the next day after the cleaners came in... it's a shock... always say goodbye not Ciao.. as the next time they may well be..  many degrees below normal..

Sometimes I prefer the dead.. as the living keep calling me.. after I go to bed too often, (the few that are left) whereas the Dead and I relive old days in our threadbare jeans.. deep on my pillow in deepest dreams... lost love old pets... even parents.. stuffed in straw and dressed in decay.. in the eternal sad dark day of sorrow...

where all the lonley failures of humanity cluster like the cold rings of Saturn, into ice cubes, remembering other ice cubes that once had a spirit that now is lost to destruction and dammed eternity... where tears never stop freezing up into crystals never to be thawed... except by the kiss of the missing particle..

dont be fooled... the Dead have stopped living: but who knows the momentum of energy itself may keep its transmogrification via another living life or a Hard drive access mechanism... only for God itself to scan and delete...

it fucks my mind up... "how bout You".. the only sincere people are the ones who can't talk... huh..

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