Friday, 18 April 2014

Thank You 1..

One solitary person/individual/sentient/web-bot.. came here for 2 days.. of course it could be 2 unknown random clicks..

but I like to think.... its the one person in the world who could possibly love me, a wreck a bloated corpse with nothing but a voice to reach a soul in the darknewss.. May it be You, You know who you are I said your name so many times it starts to sound like a swearword...

My hearts ease peace and good wishes go to you anonymously continuously... stop breaking my heart and say.. hello... or at least "fuck Off" via a non personal digital interface.. like a flash of coherent thought or a wish to let the dust of a grave settle upon the living.. and bury me twice.. in Shawshank Redemption.. was said said so well..

"Get busy Living, or get busy dying" (paraphrase I aint got the energy to do another fucking search request... its ten million o'clock..) and I need a piss like a pulled pin on a flash/bang grenade..  

give me the PRANA and I will finish the job...


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