Sunday, 20 April 2014

Pain You cannot contain..

Nostalgia is the neuralgia of the soul... (unless you had it you have no clue to pain felt in the brain) a pain so severe, you must stop thinking of it.. or it will kill you...  because the past is not gone.. it never dies, even though you do.. thinking of happy times long gone by, that seem so near when hearts were warm and dear.. happiness is more painful than broken limbs, and dead legs, when recollected alone 

Brings on a reluctant of tear... the more Joy in a memory, the sadder the recollection.. Life is like a dress rehearsal... filled with errors but the show still goes on..

it does go on.. till the theatre burns down... and you partly awake as the crematorium finishes you off... but they remain.. the cuts in the rock.. the thoughts of the past. that just wont stop...

right on natures que.. hard rain is hitting my window.. like applause for those few thoughts that I just read through..

Peace to the absorber of the sentiment.. because you the thinker are a small part of the continuous mind of the true collective conciousness... because love is the mind of God.. and its only a question of time till all our sorrows are released and unified.... into 'peace of that mind' be patient and dont be too Sad....

time is timeless.. it all comes round again... '~' in repeated geriatric memories locked into a frail old frame, that pain can no longer contain.. and bursts in the night like a hot water bottle... plastic flowers on a cardboard coffin.. thats all your pain was worth..

EDIT 4 4 U...

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