Friday, 18 April 2014

My Friend the Sun...

My Friend the Sun... shone into my face through 70% Mirror vinal one way reflective film I have installed... I was like it wasnt there.. because my friend th e SUN said... here is my Love I mean you no harm.. we united and got exicted like friends do.. and we jumped off "el Capitano" without checking my shoots...

But I was OK my fat guts prevented me from actually enduring terminal velocity.. as my gut to fart ratio was so High I COULDENT Fkin die... I was

TOO FAT TO DIE OUTRIGHT... but the SUN said I dont care how ugly you are you'll never bet fatter or fart more often than ME !!.. my dear little shrimp of a last ghoul part ghost of seminal existence... we're siblings.. 

All Mothers are GIRLS b4 they get raped by society... or murdered by the cognoscenti...

Peaches dont get raped after Dequth... by Sensation seekers... You wanted Your Mum... So Do I mine,.. who died too.. My heart tells me that an autonomic self destruction overtook the love of your own Children to be with Her.. your own children... are the gift of life you greely gace to the future, from so far away.. in a future retrospect... my we all combine in the dignity of morality, and give you this deserved gift of respect... Xx x x  x        x.

A Girl Needs Her Mum.. after grace may we see your glad face in the race of kin you left behind... You cannot be forgotten, because you "caused life at your own sacrifice" to ascend ahead of ordinary mortal Royalty or dead dogs.. no sin is unforgivable.. let may the tainted mix with the sacred.. there are no equals but discriminations of bad faith... and selfish thought..

I never met you.. but Christ do I need a Selfie With your sweet face Now! it would blow the bubbles troubles of the lost to a better place where Hope, gives the life back to lost,... it does... get better... so all the adverts say....

Be Published in Heaven Dear Peach.. reach the DNA of the U NO WHO... tell them you will NEVER BE CENSORED OUT OF YOUR OWN LEGEND... Your Father Is the Man to carry Your life as he tried to help many.. power to the powerless NOW..

Pax Christi + The price of Love is Both Free and Priceless.. you cannot recieve it.. until you give it away freely... Without ever expecting it back in any way or form..

but nobody can fool "the Observer" it can tell a particle from a wave... because matter is an agreement with an illusion combined with flights of fancy, and the ascension of an unleashed imagination,.. thereof.. i.e. may all your dreams come to be.. aww.. 


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