Monday, 10 March 2014

Character assassination..

since I cant actually put a pick axe into Putin's skull.. I can do some verbal Character assassination.. Sadly he has very little actual Character wit or humour, He always looks like he just told somebody "do what I say or I kill You" when he does infrequently smile he looks creepy, like he had animatronic hydraulics for facial expressions.. as he had never developed real Smile Muscles...

He look's for all the World like a Man who bears deep grudges and never forgets an enemy... his swaggering walk is like a poor imitation of John Wayne.. 

He "actually looks mean and vicious, but cried like a baby when he was re-elected, in the fixed ballot... where he voted for himself vicariously through a few million family extensions, so he has got to be an EGOTIST no verily.. a Messianic egomaniac, they are the worst kind.. they pop up throughout history.. 

Men of such seductive persuasion by allying all against each other in his politbeuro of insestuios Mason like double dealings... where each of them want to be his "best boy" where they cut up the country and give it all out to friends, like the old Kings of England gave Lordships and Viscounts their CUT of the spoils... and Enslaved the common man, preventing him to even leave the place of his birth, only Gentlemen were allowed to roam freely...

I bet He's a bitch in a street fight no doubt and wont stop at ripping off your balls with his teeth... or poking your eyes out with his thumbs... has anybody ever interviewed his ex girlfriends to find out what he is really like, no because 2 of them were found dead under suspicious circumstances..

The Mans a Serial Napoleon.. and want's the world for a plaything... Hitlers Dirty secret was he was part Jew, Putin's Secret is... He is actually Gay with a Tiny Childlike peins the size of a Pritt Stick, (for scale)... he is the Worlds present "most successful Psychopath"

and He is in DENIAL... thats why he is such a Cunt... "beware of the Vagina with a Russian accent... it's Maneater Putin, who dick is always shootin.. because he is addicted sex sun sea wrestleing with Bears and total control of the  orifice of his choice... with the latest victim of his serial rape...

But he is too Busy fucking the free in Ukraine for a blow job at the moment.. War give Him a Hard on... so he is a bit of a nasty fucker too.. but "we knew that already"... it's a no brainer... just look at that face.. its all there:

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