Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Asylum for/ from the World..

I just had a lottery daydream... I want to run a private Insane asylum.. I was Born for such a Job, being short of a shilling or 2 in the personality dept... Mmm.. but I need my own country... like a large island, otherwise my radical therapys.. would be possibly considered crimes against Humanity...

if You would like to donate yourself to my care, by just signing here... I will Heal You from all lifes troubles sorrows and woes... there is not a single cubic millimeter we will not consider and interact with..

IN EDIT where are we Going? A: Fuck knows... tune in for the next thrilling instalment of, "Have I got a straightjacket for You" Ohh suits You Sir... we start with waterboarding and primal screams... where we end is a personal Prescription to the lips of Nirvana, satori and Perpetual Peace...

Orgasam therapy is just a tiny slice of the action.. brought to you by Kentucky Fried Chicken... where every man can have his fill of fresh young chicks in pieces for pennies... a life thrown away for Your pleasure alone... we are your Dream made real, unzip your old cock and feel... Chiken Kiev tighter than a virgin.. with garlic lubricant you can lick up every drop..

"Please avoid the chilli sauce behind your foreskin (if you have one.. Lucky Guy) as we have had complaints from other customers who found the Chicken Vagina special, uncomfortable and unpleasant.. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE ORDERING.. You agree to Fuck our neighbourhood Chicken AT YOUR OWN RISK.. as 7 years in jail for an inappropriate squirt or two.. is a lot to risk on a casual liaison..

Also some Ladies have had rashes from our "cocky Chicken sticks" please be warned, DO NOT LEAVE IN YOUR VAGINA OVERNIGHT:

I want to continue.. BUT............
PISS BREAK eat food suck a few reefers and a bottle or 9, and I will post the next bit.. or fuck off and coagulate like the blood clot you are... ~Am I turning you on?..Blood is the food of a Tampon..

then you need a fucking Doctor of Voodoo to help You.. I cant help it if your so weak you get excited by seduction by proxy via words in a blog on a screen, put your smartphone into your Ass and see what this app does.... you bitch... it records every sperm for dna and catalogues how many men you sleep with per week.. also their ethnicity and average income.. you slut.. you seminal urinal... you vessel of but a brief moment.. the poison chalice I drink from..


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