Wednesday, 12 March 2014

a Sperm = 32mb of data..

In DNA terms by information bit for bit it has been calculated that one sperm = 32mb of real actual equivalent data.. but wait for it... an ejackulation = on average is about 44gbs...

DNA is as near to the Matrix as the rabbit hole is to Alice... we are all made of digital data and Fractals therein... "What a piece of work is Man?...." William shitface said that, some of his plays are Very fukin boring... who is honest about that?

only Failed Actors... they are more numerous than sperm from an elephant... which is calculated at 500tb, Terabytes!! Ahem.,..,,..,.,.. YUK.. imagin swallowing that ! you could polish a stretch Cadillac with that much Spunk.. and what's left can wax Your Moustache... or gel your hair.. eek..


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