Wednesday, 12 February 2014

6 Weeks of Biblical Weather..

if you want the correct soundtrack for this piece as intended for it.. hear Solveig's Song from Peer Gynt..

Nature is trying to tell You something... We are a rotten mould that offended ANIMA MUNDI... the mother of all life.. and a bitch with a bad temper is something most Men cannot take... a bullet is easier to swallow through the roof of your mouth... than the raging malevolent wrath of her anger..

Thank God is making a Show via the daughter of the Earth who is the very ANIMA MUNDI..

We have sinned... We have taken life and laughed.. now the skirts of our own Mother wants to drown the bad Children.. this litter of rat's that we are turning out to be.... mindless breeders... 

if Life on Earth is to be sustained.. we must Farm our very selves.. in a World at loggerheads with The Calculations that predictcts in Cold Hard Mathematics.. We cannot go on like this...

If We cannot control each and all births in the civilised world.. to spill spem on a carpet is one thing... but to spill it up a million vulnerable virgins is quite another thing... i:e: all Islamic nations, (wot a surprise!)

I'm not a "total racist" I'm a Fucking realist racist... who wants spastics to live? whatever colour... Just kill the weak and useless.. (Yeah I am one thats how passionate  I am about it, to the very point of self annihilation, for a perfect world you must sacrifice the "self".. Keep it only for recreation... thats where it is best suited for purpose..

OUR BITCH Earth mother is doing a late post abortion, the experiment reaches its climax... When the internet Dies... WE WILL ALL BE BLIND... Beware of unpredictable noises in your receptions...  we wont be long after.. succling pigs are always first to die...

I Cant wait.. it saves a fortune in therapy and cosmetic surgery.. Human Suffering has never been so Entertaining.. but thats Gloating For Ya!!!

bring it on mumma have a heavy Period in our faces... we deserve it... let the righteous live and the wicked die... or pay me the fee to get in... I got front seat tickets for the right price..

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