Wednesday, 15 January 2014

unknown malady..

Skulls and the ~Masks of Death have been rattling me.. deeply and externaly beyond mere description, into an awful glimpse of imminent mortality..

Like waking up and gasping for Air.. I truly hit the wall at 60... the most popular range to die in is 59 to 61.. you put off such thoughts... until you wake up every day, and say.... under your breath.. I am 60 and its not long till Death.. maybe its already here and pushing me to go..

all of a sudden the Angel of "La Morte"  the light butterfly of random, lands on you.. "this aint no Butterfly its a message.. "its time to die... your life is OVER, Asshole..."

oh but too soon.. who told the kids shot dead in the head in Syria'a murder fest.. Death Came knocking and people got chosen....

if your worried about Death, your already Dead... we dont need cowards and pleasure seekers here.. we need souls of purpose.. hearts of kindness.. not doom laden self terminators..

Dont be ashamed of being afraid.. being afraid is a killer too... but its Death is a thousand times repeated.. in Cowardice... and regret of better judgement..

Muerte.. Der Tod.. Dead... Who do you Think you are?... perpetual, evergreen ever lasting.. Old people make Old children.. only Kids have advanced Kids.. the miracle to make better ones.. before Atomic Decay rots the tiny turns of a double helix into a lesser less capable one...

Sorry I am rambling... Death is the final Act of conception.. however delayed.. and Death.. has been visiting me like a mean rapist.. who taps on your door.. and waits for you to totally freak out before asserting complete control of you..

I keep waking up unable to breathe... and in my minds landscape of fear, I live the final moments of all drowned Kittens and abortions.. the worst end of all...

is to have no.. last breath.. a tiny smothered baby who cannot breathe, or never had one breath at all... yet to be born dead is the greatest blessing you could hope for, in a life yet to be lived... chose Death when all is lost.. its the most beautiful... because the pain of self pity deserves annihilation, by any means at great speed..

let's be honest it is hardly worth it... if you never lived you cannot die.. if you never loved you cannot cry..

Only a Mother can love the coldest Lover... who is the God of life must be giver of divine conclusion.. in Death by Death because..

Death is proof of Life...

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