Friday, 17 January 2014

No Private Individuals..

If You are a member of a vast randomised cross pollinated collective, that must remain vigilant against, wicked/evil/terrorists/& dogmas... to be born human Revokes Your licence to be a a 'Private' individual... Oh you can still walk in the park and fly a kite if you want to... even enjoy a vice or two..

Re: NSA collecting info on large amounts of data/information transfers.. Nobody deserves Privacy!.. That is a remnant of the dark ages... Nazism was the first manifestation of a self aware single organism of moral purity... the collecting of information is a right of rule... i.e. if you live in this house you play by our rules...

Go off and find an island paradise and perpetuate your Esoteric delusions.. but if you live with us... after Taxes.. we get to accsess anything we need to uphold the rule of law... even if it means reading a few pointless txt's... or a few email's.. whats your problem? 

What American Policy is doing is trying to prevent the lap-top nuke by blog or nuclear decay.. .. which so many bad folk want to deliver to the Holy Land of the advanced Civilisation.. Obama does not need to apologise... people tell lies, and that's why spies spy... Who is your Friend when every smiling face you see "just wants to take from You" 

(in 1988 I met a German Girl who first inferred that line that I now quote... She was Slim German and Jewish... and She despaired.. all people want to do is use You... "do you know what its like when every Man you meet just wants to fuck You" is the Actual verbatim phrase... and it inspires me to this day when, comparisons to a digital totality like 1984 raise their heads..)

Every Child Born should have a chip that tells you where it is, even what it is thinking.. Listen retards... we breed Pigs dont we? Eugenics will make a digital re-birth in a while of time... it has to be, evolution demands it to be so..

Nobody has the right to have secret thoughts... private love will always be... but we must exercise absolute diligence to prevent another WWI or WWII or 9/11.. people get sloppy and defocused, and very easily forget the agony of past events... 

The "Homeland Security Act" is a Cry from the heart.. an SOS; to save our souls before the Bad Guys get to rape our kids and cut their throats!... thats what Muslims are about... they want you out... of your homeland... I say Keep it dont give it away..

if You have nothing to hide.. You can live in Pe@ce.. but if you are doing bad and intend to hurt the general collective Civilised intent, then you better Run, Coz were gonna tap your Phone and you ass till the day we take you to the wall and humanely shoot you.. where you can be as private and cunning as a demon interred.. like the wicked of the World should be... 

find em.. Kill em.. and delete their file... from any retained purpose for existence.. Shred the Dead... and delete them from our paradise... private individuals must no longer exist... we must all be catalogued into the new chapter of human kind.. where life is transparent because there is nothing to hide..

God Bless America: for doing all our dirty work... from which We All benefit, keep on standing up to the detractors who would have us all live in total ignorance... when the nasty stuff happens... they are clueless.. without data computers are useless.. 

Rock on NRA, CIA, MI5, You keep us from hurting ourselves...

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