Thursday, 23 January 2014

Donation makes a Nation..

Don't know about North America, i.e.. Canada USA... where the Civilised people live.. and most of Europe's distant relations...

But In the UK we have a national database for all people wishing to Donate all or some body tissue after Death.. Eyes Kidneys Liver, other gory ghoulish bits and pieces that you wouldn't have thought useful..

I registered, and you get a smart card with all your data on it to slip into your credit card wallet.. it is very wise thing to do... as this data does not go un noticed or un processed.. You are on a "preferred list" that gets crunched with all your other data..

it imply's your a Middling to decent ordinary but caring person... to have it next to Your Driving licence is a mark of the blessed to a Policeman... You dont need a religion to do it, you just require the soba realisation that you could still do good after Death.. That deserves a reward!...

and when another person has a quality of life from your gift.. you get a first class entry to the Hotel Heaven... you need no reservation just the impulse to give gets you in... I'd call a donation card the ultimate act of altruism...

Do it and get one.. Give the gift of life to a total Stranger.. who has people around them preying for a miracle... Be That Miracle, even in anonymity the God of Love will remember your Name.. and you great giver, shall live again... a life without blame.. by proxy..

The Redemption of man is at Hand.. the moment you begin to understand.. Lets face it people donate their children to War... so get the massage..

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