Friday, 6 December 2013

The X Word..

We are approaching the hinge on which the whole year swings.. where the peasants binge, and we cringe again at the sight of a Fat man in a Red suit chasing kids to sit on his lap... It's perverted oops too late.. it's squirted.. the midwinter festival of the Gentiles.. with a few genitals thrown in...

Otherwise known as Christmas.. what a Cunt Christmas is... its a whore who sucks wallets dry.. fills you with sentiment that makes you cry.. it's fucking Christmas.. and I'd rather die... 

I detest cheerful people singing in the street, and smiling at You.. gifts you want but dont get, Gifts you get that you'd rather forget.. Smirnoff Vodka at ridiculous discount prices.. it's a temptress that derails you to obesity and alcoholism... if only the Earth didnt tilt over we could have summer all year round.. deliver me from the festival of excess and emotional stress..

The only good thing about winter is you get to wear more clothes.. instead of looking like a Bum from Miami Vice with a beer gut hanging over your Bermuda's.. Perpetual Autumn would suit me.. who can survive Christmas without getting fatter uglier and depressed...

Christmas became Xmas... cos it was found to be entirely Bogus... as it has no basis in recorded history or reality.... only naive belief from ignorant observers.... who knew nothing to start with, but legend and stupidity..

so To hell with it.. Kill Santa and end the cult of Fictional Jesus..


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