Saturday, 7 December 2013

Skydiving at night..

What could be more exciting and frightening, than Skydiving in the Dark...? beyond thrilling, except maybe Christmas shopping in a bargain basement... with limited cash and Shoplifting on your mind...

or just wear a blindfold. and walk off a cliff with an Umbrella... same thrill fear and yet: much less chance of surviving...

a thrill is a pill;.. or a real experience... isn't it? or your living too easy a short life... which is shorter than those who Dare to 'jump'

even if you dont jump you can partially imagine the thrill of throwing your life into the bleak dark ultimate oblivion we all will meet as a friend, a fiend or a foe to befriend..

Base jumpers are the Heroes of Recreation.. and life's final contemplation... the best of the best from any nation... I salute You all...'~'

wish I'd done it too... but I never had the Gonads to do it.. only the brave know the breath of God blowing in their face.... that's just 0.0001 of the Human Race..

I Love and adore You all.. when you fall... into "the Grace of a vulture about to eat.." the feast of life is yours to enjoy.. as long as your drogue shoot deploys!..

Admiration Ever and.. 
Always... Xx '~'


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