Monday, 9 December 2013

Argo 2012

Remember DVD's people look down their nose at them now.. I picked up a handful for a few Bucks at a car boot sale.. the first DVD I ever bought in 1999 was Notting Hill it cost $30 = £20 for a slither of plastic... pointless, really..

one of the Disks was ARGO... I just watched it.. Let me tell You.. You have no idea how good this film is until you see it... I never expected it to be so fantastic... anyone who hasn't seen it can have my copy coz I already MKV'd it which is a file type you should get acquainted with.. I buy them rip them and give them away.. 

it's a perfect 10... the claustrophobia is unbelievable.. and the skipping flat rock of the perfectly balanced story goes all the way across the lake... and the conclusion is liberation itself.. I lost a can of beer in tears.. then afterwards.. watch the documentary of the 6 as they are now.. 2.5 hrs of exhilarating delight.. 

Your in for such a treat.. a well deserved double Academy Award winner, best Director Ben Affleck, and best picture..

MKV is FREE...

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