Sunday, 3 November 2013

Beauty is Geometry..

Of course it is... the persuasion of a primal predilection for Human beauty.. adds up to a love of "Sacred Geometry" a phrase to make note of... its all through nature just think Fibonacci.. the Man who sussed out shells and relative mathematical characteristics of divine design... and ratios of natural proportion..

Just look at Crop Circles.. proving that intelligent design is no act of random atmospheric affects.. but carved into the mind and the field.. to stimulate recognition over mere accidents... symmetry is an element of beauty.. perfection is the product of equal forces acting together in expression.. by harmonics and chosen genetic preference.. 

Beauty is the visual deconstruction of decay in reverse.. captured in a moment that lives forever.. elemental design and unity is always symmetrical... consider the snowflake.. and the Zygote... DNA is raw Digital code... that is left to "calculate itself" sometimes there are terrible mistakes... but sometimes there is the Accident of perfection... such is the manifestation of Human Beauty.. a design in dust that is one day, blown away.. like a street artists works.. washed into an oblivion.. only accessible by memory and concious recollection..

Beauty is almost immortal... the moment it reaches You.. it never leaves.. goes to the grave with You.. and to heaven beyond too...


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