Thursday, 11 July 2013

Refracted Perceptions in Mercury

there are many ways to invade a persons soul, and sometimes possess them... for good or ill.. one is The yearning for acceptance through beauty talent and achievement.. but where is the soul of a Person.. where is the real You, in a matrix of inter-dimensional geometry's.. in the drift-weed of subjective states.. in a constellation of neurones that you can barely control..

in the lips they had pumped?, or the face that's been lifted, bigger tits, quicker wits, historic genitals.. power and charm.. where is the Ghost in the Guts, sometimes there is Only a Ghost.. of Ghost.. a faded mark where a picture used to hang.. a vein deluded has-been who blew it and threw it all away.. vomiting in a Tesco's bag sitting in a bus stop..

Everybody wants to be someone else?.. girls with Curly.. want straight, and them with Straight want curls.. little bums want to be bigger bums.. some bums get sucked that old Lipo way.. till they are uneven, every baby belly wants a tuck, other fat Women just dont give a fuck.. they are too busy being lazy to even attempt to be anyone, but a gorging maggot that eats till it pops like a boil on the mirror..

White Gal's like to look darker, Darker Girls Bleach their Photos to look whiter.. when in fact that Girl looks even better within her own Skin.. (?)

who is satisfied with how they look let alone "who they are" a tainted hybrid cross fertilized mentality that has to update upon perfection.. persuaded by the Seducers... who invade your Soul and make you doubt your true value.. "Your Worth it" in baggy shorts and a Beautiful Born Brown natural face as well... You are my Personal Mayan coz 'those is Yo roots Honey oven Bun' (?) thats Why You is my Numero Uno in Perpetua ala Cogito Ergo sum, consumatum est baby.. U rule... Dude...

at the core of most people is just a mannequin that adores itself, no one else is ever there.. they see the World through admirers eyes.. and are empty vessels aground on a beech of unforgiving time.. according to his Nibs "love enters in through the eyes" mostly that is the corridor of ascension into the blissful clouds of romantic Love seduction and insemination.. if coming is Loves soul purpose then we are a race of idle pleasure seekers... chasing the last fix with a bigger one..

until the body grows weak and the relentless atomic decay of exploding DNA strings breaks you down to a soup... Where Were You? at which intersection of time and reality, were you really there, there is Hateful Love, resentful Love, angry Love, dying Love, but you must not forget the Really important one..

Compassionate Love is a threshold that; once broached cannot be rescinded and is the last flower in Pandora's box to Burn... and the part of you where Your elemental spirit dwells.. when You feel Unrestrained Pity and compassion for no gain; to another Poor Soul; in pain.. You have arrived.. That is Where You will find yourself...

Because In theory You dont Exist at all until You Know Love 'from the Giving End'.. instead of squandering it all on Yourself... and mindless vanity's.. that will burn in Hell.. so when that lighthouse beacon erupts within You, we will Know Your here, in real-time, heart and mind, as like attracts like, so kind attracts in kind..

Sentimentality can catch you without warning... even Adolf cried when his Dog died.. everyone has a heart... it's finding it... that is Your life's Quest.. and once found to, to Give it away... to the deserving, who have none of their own..

That is the destiny of all aspiring Souls.. when they look away from the mirror and gaze into the Heavens..

The Highest values ever Equalled in Gods mind, can then be predominant in Human kind... as defined by the pure love of the "Blind"... who see Souls instead of Faces, Who believe in Goodness not Gold... 

Join us and seize the moment: let Go of all hope and Belong.. to the joyful Heroes of the "Living Dead".. and those soon to be: Late August will show us Gods face.. You cant fail to miss it... so I'm Told by those pesky Zetas...


Yes(?)its You (Danio) didnt You see my confession in a recent Blog?.. I think Your well Worth a Dozen Roses and a big Loving Hug.. Xx and repeated reference to any other Girl who thinks She can seduce me.. lol... you got my balls in your hands: as it were on that regaurd... ha ha lets laugh, laughing is Fun..

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