Friday, 28 June 2013


Yes, I am forced to acquiesce . so will you too, if your a man.. when you know the Burdens of sorrow that are only Bourne of and by women, (God Bless Em All) Only women know what love is, Men just give a vague approximation of a lust reflex disguised as affection... Only Men can rape, and do... and take for now; forsaking the future..

All Mankind has searched the world Over for a Fucking God... and they found filthy cruel dogmas, and sons of Bitches who pretended to be Perfect... Who enslaved Women, and kept the master Sex humble... Damn them all... Moronic mindless Malicious Muslims.. is a lesson to look at... Their God was a Dick, who pissed in the desert, and raped in a tent..

Just Go Home and look at your Mother, and tell her You love Her... and You have found the True incarnation of the divine, which is the Essence of femininity, all things dear gentle and perfect, in one place... Your Mothers Heart.. 

Every Girl is Child and a Woman a Mother a Grandmother... which part of the hologram of perceived time you meet her, is the key to reaching who she is.. the mantle of your fire, the blood of your being the bones of your kin.. the love that was lost.. that you yearn for again... 


I want to add more to this later... but felt it better to share the raw footage of the first verbal outburst than try to pretty it up, and over egg it as a bit of Punk Prose...

This subject deserves all the adoration it evokes in me, and that filled my eyes with frozen rivers into a glacier.. so deep I didnt want to look any further.. it hurts too much to remember sometimes.. it hurts too much to think..

take 5.. days kisses or years... I dont care as long as you are "there"... You know exactly what I mean... if your there, You know I am here... thats all real; pure; true; love; needs... NOTHING... x

which is all Your Mother ever asked from you... Nothing; in return for a lifes work of nurture.. the milk of human kindness, and warm comfort.. the sacrifice of women is an unknown ocean of depth all men are shipwrecked and consumed upon.. to a desert Island that is the last salvation of the desperate.. the society of Men... who are born half human when the cord is cut..

Mean selfish arrogant vein men.. who take the children of Women and corrupt them with desire, who take and do not give... who lust to kill and yet do not live.. a Man cannot give the future; only take from today... a Woman Nurtures a seed for months to give Life "back to itself".. in the paragraph's of recorded human history, Men are mere.. periods, and colons, only from a woman's womb is the future written into existence... the greatest eloquence in all of creation.. writ in flesh and blood... that tomorrow is born from today... from a promise kept in a past yesterday..

there is no true humanity without women at the heart if it, and any society that restricts the natural gifts of Women who are the masters of Life... are living in a society of death misery and unlimited restrictions.. run almost always by wicked small minded misogynist Men... Who are Scared shit-less at the raw power of pussy...

FREE PUSSY RIOT.. Putin needs shootin..

oh the cramp of anal asphyxia during retained retrospection...

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