Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Passport to paradise..

a Beautiful face is a passport to paradise... with free entry to many mansions, a priceless asset that speaks in every language, to all ages and races of peoples.. it is deeper than skin and emanates from the souls of those who were bonded in love to create You..

it is the order of the cosmos coherent in creation itself.. it is the highest acquisition of the ugly who cannot change nature.. it attracts seduces inflames the hearts of many who see it.. the pain it evokes when absent, except in memory...

Michelangelo said "it is the manifestation of a noble spirit" but that cannot be true, how much evil is harbored within such faces, beauty can corrupt, as it creates privilege and more opportunities than the dull get.. and vanity can taint beauty to a shallow hollow.. 

it is both a blessing and a curse, ask any rape victim... the emotions it can provoke are always pathological.. and rarely pure, but while it blooms, it has more power than any gun.. with limitless ammunition.. be careful who you point it at.. because it can easily backfire on You..

for Dani x

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