Thursday, 18 April 2013

Art of the Heart..

Art is the illusion of a truth made into a living lie via an Artists guile and dedicated deceptions...

it is the Product of a Viral imagination, transferring it's incurable infection of Beauty to another in an accidental subjective transference in passing... an illness of enlightenment.. that cures empty souls and wasted lives..

A deliberate act of invention that transmutes into the mind of another's visualisation... a condition which equals anything that a disease is defined by... yet one that is curable by devotion to it's details.. when focus fails..

The Heart of Art; is in the heart that Art inhabits; and seduces by it's tendrils of sensual invasive pervasive hypnotic allure of newness and excitement.. an angle you did not see before..

Art is the interpretation of a truth made into an artificial reorganisation of it into a bastardised form.... made outlandish or acceptable to an audience of illiterate eyes that can barely perceive the real from the unreal, or the real turned into the unrecognisable... a few lines becomes a full grown Bull... by Picasso..

Art is always a Bastard, as it has no true definable parent.. it is the Love child of a fertile soul in the act of transmogrification into permanence by sweat toil and a lonely yearning love to hold eternity in a captured wave upon the sand in a moment of perfection... so that others may witness such themselves..

only an Artist can see the World that we are blind to... that shows us what we should be looking at, when we actually dont look at all.. and only see what we desire without knowing the expense of the impossible beauty that constantly escapes us, yet pervades us in each and all thoughts of majestic unified everything all at once; all the time; everywhere... a child born on Acid.. an imagination set free to set souls aflame..

Art is the Word of God without words; and the light of the morning at the beginning and end of the World... that looked just like yesterday, yet is all time; all the time, for all time... the cave paintings of primordial men and the graffiti of Banksy.. who touches the heart's of almost all who have the eyes to see beauty; where others only see vague shapes and a passing moment without recollection.. an Artist opens the spirit to the possibility of perfection..

it is the language of the Divine spoken silently and directly into the mind.. it gives eyes to the blind, and turns the cruel into the kind.. liberates the damned; and frees the Son of Man.. 

for J.M.W. Turner and Salvador Dali

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