Monday, 25 March 2013

The Game of Life..

Life is a wild card Game, and it leaves a lotta losers in its wake... how do you play a game with no written rules?... Play for fun.. uh; not all the time, to play the game of life "You must be prepared to take part body and heart" win or lose... it means integrating with good and bad and to be able to tell the difference... most people fail the first audition... and never get called back..

But sadly there is a very low success rate in discerning the poles of magnetic opposites which are often almost identical... so you must dig very deep within and feel sorrow and pain; to learn the scales of an up and down without gravity?.. it's a good idea to nurture Love for things you cannot have.. it keeps you Humble... if you dont comprehend Humble.. then You may be a loser already.. Wot is Humble?.. remember your never Worthy as long as you believe you are... if you think you deserve what you have, reconsider.. You never deserve what you are given in good faith by another.. good things happen to those who get it... 

Deal or no Deal is a great televisual example of the random tumbling dice of a life in the dilemma of seemingly random event? Nothing is random that is driven by the humility of a good soul... God Loves the Humble...

I record every episode and relish every twist and turn of their "inner guidance" i.e. the lust of greed, or the humility of unexpected good fortune... "Lady Luck" is no bitch, She seems to sort the blessed from the damned.. with remarkable accuracy..

One Game I love to remember is a poor Young Girl, Poor in many ways.. who wore a wig; as Chemotherapy had ravaged her hair, and at one point halfway through the game.. She went to hug someone and he caught her hair in his embrace, and her long wig nearly fell off, My heart broke on seeing the visual proof of her illness as the wig slipped a few inches off vertical... Quite pathetic to witness even on TV.. 

She Won the maximum Prize of £250,000 eventually!.. and I cried for a good 10 seconds... on what that meant to her to Win, so She could have some fun before her premature demise arises..

Today There was a Woman Who I discerned as selfish wicked and overly vein and too egocentrically sensual, with over whitened teeth, and a false demeanour about her.. and guess what?.. She won a £100 pounds.. I relished her demise over the course of the game.. I watched it 3 times to enjoy her pain over again.. watching her crumble and torn to pieces with dissapointment.. thats what Germans call schadenfreude a beautiful Word that says all I want to say on it.. 

yes of course bad people do win, but very, very rarely... even when they do it Ruins and corrupts them, because evil rots the soul that contains it... as I have found to my detriment.. as I have been and still am; as Wicked Bad and sad as any sinner who sold Jesus for 40 pieces of silver.. and had to hang himself as the realisation of the evil He committed was so Hanus nothing brought relief than termination of the self itself... an emotive response I can totally identify with.. 

But When I go I want to take 6 billion with me.. that is how many losers there are in this Cess pit Earth.. almost everyone; who we are seduced and fooled by is a creep a loser and a waste of Oxygen.. only fit to feed the killing fields as FERTILIZER.. that is 8/10's of all living human organisms.. 

One Bomb is not enough... we need an ELE an "extinction life event"... Please God let the killing comet land in the East, as all the evil of mankind comes from the sub humans of the sub continents... and all Arab Nations... they are the true and real untermensch, Hitler was too Stupid not to consider... as he was so far up his own ass-hole to see the bigger picture..

He could have erased all of Islam, in 5 years, and left the World clean of Savages and barbarians... but he fucked up and targeted; the Magnificent Jews, who are the hardest working, best educated people of integrity, the World has EVER KNOWN..

Heil Obama the saviour of the western World.. get those Nukes out and throw em all about.. after disaster the pastor says, Bastards... nuke mecca and liberate the World from the Pornografic rape culture of an illiterate child rapist called Mohammed, May PISS and SHIT be upon him and ALL of his followers...

So mote it be:

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