Saturday, 16 March 2013

New Pope is issued with Arrest Warrant..

Evil of the Catholic Church.. 

The reason that last pope resigned is that there was an arrest warrant for Child abuse, to avoid it he resigned .. and now the New Pope is also in the same position... see this... What did I tell you.. this is the greatest Evil the World has ever suffered.. all of them are Paedophiles and rapists... 

Who ruin the Lives of those they taint, as the victims are permanently unable to give themselves to another, because their innocence was ravaged and destroyed by these people, and become unable to give or receive love in any form at all... that is the price (cost) of rape... a few minutes of satisfaction, turns the victim into a life long outcast of guilt and shame..

The truth I speak is available to all, if you only care to search.. is it any wonder why I am so fucked up?.. if you knew my tiny story, You might see things quite differently...

Fuck the Pope, and the Catholic Church of twisted teachings that have caused DEVASTATION to so many lives they are uncountable... it is the largest corrupt organism of wickedness the Earth has ever been a blind witness to..

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