Monday, 25 March 2013

Dynamics of Suicide..

Would You rather Live Your dreams, Or Live, To; dream... or die for want of a dream undreamed... that is the standard dilemma for a worthless fuck up who is sick of the cards they were dealt... Most losers just hang on to the teat of life to exist, and suck till their lips go numb... then dissolve into the underbelly of society.. are you one of those?.. 

Do You want to live a life of un-ending compromise?.. or take control of a life that is going nowhere... the statistics are terrifying... at least 64% of all people in western society live a meaningless existence... subsisting, just existing... just enough to live on is no life at all..

There are 2 types of poverty.. The lack of Cash or the want of a soul.. in the absence of a spirit.. 

almost 100% have the lack of a spiritual life.. forget Love affairs and fornication, these are delineation points of ABSOLUTE VALUES for a Full feeling of integration and fulfilled existence... Which must be defined as the tipping point of a true sense of being.. most of us have no nothing to lean back on.. when you have been RAPED by society in general... 

So Whos gonna pay?... Nobody.. there is no supreme justice Court, it is a law of random decisions.. that no mortal mind can generate the truth from confusion..

if the last bastion of tolerance is unattainable, the high point is "knowing"  if you seriously know The terrible randomiser of infinite discrimination of the Wicked.. But who are the arbiters of judgement . Morality is a sliding scale of indefinably tainted arbitration.. Nobody has the right to Take Your life and the hope within.. but like wise you have no right to end another's.. Unless they are your tormentors.. then go on and detonate...

and take somebody with you when you go... 

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