Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Love is fatal...

(love is Fatal because it rather relies on fate to make it fatalistic, and in every case fatal..

I heard an educated Woman on the BBC World Service say.. "Love is the most Violent of all human characteristic's...

I was half asleep, as I listen to the World service while I sleep, as I like it to influence my dreams and unconscious mind.... but that phrase woke me up from deep sleep... coz I had always deeply suspected it...

it seems so antithetical.. yet there is a deep true reality in that supposition.. People will do Anything For Love. and the want of it; or the protection of it... agreed?... at the last bastion outpost of all reason, Love is a killer... the food of Madness, and mental dysfunction.. or total liberation from the pain of isolation..

in the Wild desert of civilised Human existence, Love is like an unattainable plane or state of mind... all seek and want it, (like a small form of Fame) in one form or another.. it is achieved by blindness.. and single mindedness... it is as near to acceptable mental illness as any other Psychiatric mental condition.. that is barely legal..

Humans need the comfort of Love (capital letter is deserved for that word) and they are very dangerous when it is Denied, withheld.. or taken by another..

Animals will fight to the death for a Female.. agreed? OK; like most animals.. including us.. Love is the seed of obsession psychopathology.. murder Rape and cruelty... yes it is: be aware and BE AFRAID if what love can TRIGGER in your dormant unconscious desires, Desire itself is the Manifestation of the need to CONTROL ANOTHER

Love is the Essence of Hate, when Love is withheld or taken away.. the pain of Love is beyond weak humans to contain... so they go overboard when they have the taste of it.. and cant get any more... like addicts do........

they Revert to type into wild animals... bad monkeys, bad retards; bad People.. very few can live with rejection from a former lover... who has found a new one.. it crushes the EGO.. which is closer to the soul than Genitals or Jesus..

Love is always the beginning of the End.. as there is only one sacred footstep to the finite journey of life, it is the taste of eternity in a single kiss.. when you fall in love you are the hanged man when the trapdoor opens... you float for a tiny moment in air... only to be strangled by the gravity of inevitability.. 

it always ties you to other people.. tangled into an orbital constellation of connections.. which lasso and ensnare you, unless you break free and live in the hills.. like big foot does.. even they know how fragile a feeling can be.. it is more dangerous than a hunters bullet.. 

Love comes to Conquer and kill.. and once killed, Your glad to be dead: 

When Your a poor Woman in an Islamic Country, who has no rights or property, that is mostly Your Prayer.. to be dead is preferable to life and love:

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