Wednesday, 19 December 2012

God is a metaphysical physicist..

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Mind is the dark matter of the universe, that stretches the fabric of reality... 100% of all reality is in Your mind, Whatever you believe is true, is true to You; even if it isn't.. 

Mind is matter, and the universe is Mind.. it's High Definition perception, via the dimension of thought.. all things are in motion, thats why relativity exists.. everything is in a panchromatic scale of vibration, we live in a tiny band right in the middle between 2 conflicting infinity's.. there is no smallest.. there is no largest.. that are the infra and ultra of that extreme scale measurement.. God is essential.. and is mind that contains us and everything.. it's obvious?.. 

if You were God and you had plenty of digital processing to spare, and you wanted to make matter marvel at itself in an infinite loop of evolving understanding.. then you would make a copy of yourself to live in a finite version of eternity, to experience an Identity in conciousness in cold empty space.. 

but Empty space cannot exist? there is no such thing as nothing, there cannot be nothing, only versions of density and viscosity.. there is nowhere; where there is not something.. ask a physicist.. 

Mind is a Witness, the witness of God, knowing itself.. in time and space.. it can influence the surrounding local space, and overlap dimensions of time, as a memory superimposes upon an object in the present... they unify in a moment and you are transported... to other planes with overtures of emotion playing in a tingling ghostly nerve network...

Atoms are more like the properties of memory chips, they remember what they are, and never forget.. life is a form of self evolving program of increasingly more complexity.. a puzzle made to solve itself... the first one to solve it starts the next big bang, it is at that moment that Creation actually manifests itself.. and the larger purpose to the creation of life is to know the mind of God.. 

Which is to unify all things into one place, we are fractals in the maths of the Universe.. did Zeros and One's ever feel a raindrop on the face...  no not individually.. but collectively we are organisms made of many individual components.. as are living things, and each individual is a part of a greater group organism still.. nothing evolves in isolation..

Where my inspiration come from?... see below for 18 parts of a 3 Hour lecture on Physics, Metaphysics & the nature of Consciousness… You wont be disappointed..


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