Monday, 8 October 2012

Last Weekend...

I had a Monumentally Exhausting W/end... I was booked to video a very special BD/Party, as my Friend Dave's Dad hit 100 last week... he asked me coz I am his official Videographer; no I am not giving you the link... He is a phenomenon and a mixed up crazy kinda dream time traveller... who thinks it is still really.. 1979-89.. I shot 136mins of HD Video.. 

but I left the Mains charger in the fukin Church of Satan ...  

It took me 18 years to suss out the net, and I still havent.. but I am wiser than most who think they know it all.... Proxy servers fake identities misleading information, dangerous links and FATAL CONNECTIONS... which fuck you up with unfulfilled expectations that were borne of delusion and ego.. I been there been them and Done em over.. like a Moral Delusional Dilemma maze of infinate end result; not just one EXIT:

Anyway last Weekend.. 

to cut a long story Very Short, I shot the Video but I missed the last BUS so I had to walk 14 miles to get home.. of which I walked 7.5 miles through country one could become abducted from by aliens, I feared frequently along my walk into the OUTER COUNTRY SIDE OF CHICHESTER, it was classic take you up on a beam to milk your spunk kinda dark roads... I actually invited them to come and take me away, I couldnt care fuking less.. I'd rather be a transplant donor than live a useless life without meaning?... Wouldn't You? 

SO.. I hitcthed for miles and miles...

I hitched but no mother fucker would stop, I am an old man of 59 and I was under extreme duress .. I cursed the World and all the rich people who would not pick me up, I hated God Himself for the cunt he made me.. then after 2.5 hours of dragging my corpse up the road with every Jaguar and Bently passing me by, Guess What, You will believe this because I cannot invent the truth, but ony re tell it...

Two MUSLIMS picked me up, NO KIDDING !... and I was so grateful I told them over and over again I was so grateful as I was near my physical end.. I was even thinking of lieing down and fakin being a crash hit victim to get a  lift home from the POLICE or ANYBODY!..

but these two Young men screeched about 100ft ahed of me, to a stop and then reversed toward me.. I thought it was a Joke... I run to them then they screem off. ha ha ha... I know that joke..

But no.. They even opened the back door.. "where you going usual Shit" they said OK.. I got in so relieved... and I head this "eclectic Music" I said is that TURKISH? they said "How did You know that?"

I said " I have heard TURKISH MUSIC BEFORE" Oh Yeah.. Who? "TARKAN" who is a big Turkish IDOL and they laughed... and the atmosphere relaxed, and THey where nice Kids... so I take back all my crits on ALL muslims.... coz if it wasn't for ALLAH I would have not got home, THEY HAD COMPASSION therefore they also deserve it in return, So here is the Dilemma and dichotomy...

How can we Choose Who we end up Loving?.. coz somtimes opposites attract and strange hybrids of tremendous beauty result from such inter unions... I am a big fan of PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA who said "I am a mongeral" So am we all.. there is nobody which a pure gene.. its damn nigh impossible to be pure... but that dont stop us from trying , even for a moment of kindness to a stranger, and that is Who God is, A STRANGER !!!

oh Dark Lady Virgin Whore Mother of the Devils Desires and all destruction.. MY Only ever beloved Atomic Bomb.. of my heart... x+x

Frankly I think I would rather be Dead... it seems like the preferential choice..

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