Wednesday, 17 October 2012


The US Government are the KKK in disguise.. a Lynch mob who convict on popular opinion.. re: Gary McKinnon who has been saved from the perverted Justice of revenge, 

He caught the US Military with their pants down, and showed them the weakness of their computer security.. instead of being "grateful" they slapped a an extradition order on him, which he has endured 10 years and only rescinded today.. He was no threat, he didnt do any damage to equipment or persons.. he would in fact be an excellent advisor to them..

but no in that old dogmatic way.. they wanted a min 60 yr sentence on a Harmless Geek who was looking for "UFO" information.. and he found it!.. in the process he embarrassed them and they cant take a Lesson in remote Systems administration... What bad sports they are... We Brits take it on the Chin.. but yanks want "payback"... 

"they took their eyes off the ball.." and should have been wiser... should have been watching the real bad guys...  but a harmless Autistic Manic Depressive, on a "Dial up 96k modem, living with his Mother, showed them up...

it's one in the eye from a little Guy... and "up Yours, and your Corrupted contrived evidence from a Land of Liars with a cellophane thin soul... Who are more like the Fuking Mafia, than a civilised group of Men who know the value of truth and Justice.." they dont have that in Amerika, not any more; not since the music Died... "bye bye American Pie..."

yanks are insular and manipulating in a Nation sized Black Market of Dishonest amendments in what used to be called the constitution.. Which the World Believed in and Loved, until all your scruples of genuine intentions turned to a Tourniquet around the neck of Liberty.. the Spirit of Old America, died; on 911...

I Do hope Obama gets back in, "no president ever served one term *" except.. Cleveland; He is the only president to serve two non-consecutive four-year terms.. I Dont like Romney, coz he is the final end of the digestive track of a 6ft scum-sucking pool floater.. 

There is no Destiny for America without Obama... he is the last one left who embodies the true Majestic Dignity that it used to represent.. 

Vote; or float in the sewer.... with Romney's toxic Bullshit..

Nixon doesn't count, he was just a cunt:

IN CONCLUSION (some days later)
You could say with some supporting statistical data, that Men without SISTERS should not be allowed to run for president, as they have a less developed knowledge of human interaction and appreciation of the female race, also they are more likely to be CORRUPT... and emotionally dishonest.. in fact all Men without sisters in general should be considered untrustworthy... Check the stats.. they dont lie...

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