Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hold tight NY

Hold on for dear life New York... dont get washed away down the Hudson !!... it could be a storm to change lives... Be safe, Be sensible, and stay warm... Frankenstorm is no Movie extra.... its God in a Halloween costume... 800 miles in wide... hunker down and hide..

if it wasnt for Hormones.. and good looks... who would be interested in a dark hole that is no more than a flange in a complex mechanism made from different parts... to fulfil such a simple task of exchanging no more than a spit in the gutter... that like all things will be washed away into oblivion..

What makes us Human is we know it wont last... but while it does, let's move forward, and overcome all in our way, to make us though; temorary, a compleate organism that rose to the highest level of metapysialogical triumph of humility, of matter over mind and spacial abnormalities of misapropriated emotions...

To give away everything, is better than trying to take money to heaven..

To give or take?...

How about.. Give AND take... Try it you might like it...

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