Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Letter from Cyntoia

I'm very happy to say I got a lovely long descriptive open hearted letter from Cyntoia.. (if you dont know who I am talking about see a few blogs below) Last Saturday.. I was quite uplifted, and thoroughly informed as to every single Question I asked Her... which was many a plenty...

Of course it's Private but I will share the salient Information that applies to anyone who wants to write to Her, Her Writing is that of a good student, very clear and constant... since her TV Documentary She has been inundated with mail, but She only replied to those She considered "Heartfelt sincere and without an agenda" it wasn't a note; but quite a considerable length... the main body of which was typed/printed via a Computer She has access to, which runs Windows 2000 !!... where She is taking a a College Course, (She aint lazy, and does her best to, better Herself, Go Girl !!...

She thanked me for offering a Tablet, but unfortunately they would not allow such a gift, (it's a prison not a 5 star Hotel) 

So I want to Share with You as previously promised What One can send her, and if you have any compassion for her plight...

The List: of things You can send... (hope you get the hint!)
Magazines, Newspaper clippings, or printouts, from a PC or the internet...
Pictures, but NO POLAROIDS?
Books but Directly from the Publisher i.e. 
US Stamps.
US Money orders (from Western Union or the post office)

btw: She got the silver Charms I sent her, Which was overlooked by the mail-room staff !! as I sellotaped them firmly so they wouldn't shake about and get noticed... She was very Moved to to get them, coz they are not allowed!!... and She gave one to her best Friend, the "Sister" ring.. Her best friend is called.. 

Elyse Tiller #383989
Unit 2 South C-11
3881 Stewarts Lane
Nashville, TN 37218

"just in case You'd like to send Her any of the Above..." as I will.. I am so glad to know She has someone She Loves who Loves Her back; to share her time with... She Writes very intelligently with first class grammer and descriptions.. I am delighted to see how articulate Her use of good English is.. She was a promising Student till all that evil took off, when She got Used Threatend and abused by an evil Bastard who manipulated her, from when She was just a Child of 15... She lived in fear he would kill Her Grandma, which He threatened to do... Poor Kid..

Anyhows... She Reads Avidly, So please send her some Books People !!! (got to be direct from or similar, otherwise it wont get through ok?)

She Loves Potato Casserole with Beef & Cheese...!! There are 2 ways to get food there, the regular Meals are awful and often have bugs deliberately put in them, but the other option is to "buy" her food at a Buffet for those who have been sent money, and a few folk do send Money in US Money orders (from Western Union or the post office) (hint hint) She Does have a TV with 10 Channels.. Her favorite Shows are "Big Brother, Private Practice, Young & the Restless, & CSI" She is also learning to play the Saxophone, so She is not wasting time, like I do!.. She is an inspiration to me.. and to anyone who thinks their life sucks...

I have been so depressed recently, I spent most of the last month in bed with the curtains closed on the sunshine... but Dear Cyntoia is a Champion of the spirit, who is an example to us all... I just want to be a decent friend to somebody for once in my miserable life, and not get crushed by the disappointment that too much familiarity and over expectation can bring.. to be unselfish and kind for no reward, and to be considered worthy of kind regards, without the complex politics of emotional entanglement that leads to sadness.. the highest form of Love is Compassion for another less fortunate than oneself..

So Friends... please spare a moment and a few dollars to help Cyn & Elyse live a slightly better life, to buy "Hygienic products" (as She put's it) and a nice meal to enjoy... it's so little to free people.. yet brings so much comfort to a "Prisoner" who has so few luxury's, except the love and compassion of another's caring heart...

Please be that heart, that gives that comfort.. God will see your act of humanity and in turn, open the door or your solitary cell of the Soul... there is no crime in an act of Love which is directly from a caring heart.. and once opened, can never be shut away again...

Praise the Lord... and post the cash, so they can tuck into a modest meal and feel better for a moment of simple human pleasure, that the rest of us take for granted, and care not a jot about...

to Be Kind, is the sweetest gift of the Soul.. and so rewarding and life affirming.. it is the essence and nature of God itself....



Cyntoia Brown from Nashville Town:
Please Help Free Cyntoia Brown...

Don't Forget Cyntoia Brown
 Write to Her direct, & show some support: 

Cyntoia Brown #410593
Tennessee Prison for Women
Unit 1 West, D-49
3881 Stewarts Lane
Nashville, TN 37218-3302

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