Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Snapshot of Pain

There are Many kinds of Pain and divisible levels thereof... I had a mental freeze frame of what a Burn is... I was improvising a "chip pan" without a basket as my safe electric one broke.. and I grabbed a steel handle that had been over a flame, but couldn't let go coz it contained 3 litres of boiling oil.. which if I had dropped it would have gone all down my stomach and legs...

So by the time I put it down, my fingers were really hurting..

Lesson, dont make French frys in your underpants with no shirt on... and as the pain from my burning hand hit my brain at about 70mph, I saw this vision of living nerve endings dying, and as they burn alive.. their "death scream" is shorted on, like a car horn after a road crash... it just keeps going.. it is the moment of a nerve's tiny death in their thousands, that Scream; and dont stop, as they burn, they leave the signal on, looped..  short circuited still transmitting long after the warning has been given, but You very quickly forget pain..

Just like pleasure.. coz if you could really remember it; you would feel it all over again.. and if you could feel it all over again, there would be no reason for you to go out looking for pleasure or pain again, would there?.. coz You could just sit at home remembering it, never needing to get any more, coz You had enough already.. 

Pain is never fun is it? unless your into sadism and bondage I suppose.. though Artists are inspired by it..  The pain lasted until I managed to switch it off.. by thrusting my hand in the Freezer compartment between bag's of garden peas and loose frozen sweetcorn.. by the time the Fry's were cool enough to eat, My hand had recovered... I am just thankful I didnt have to put my genitals into a cold Chickens Gizzards.. to cool my Joystick... Glad it was just my Hand, and thankfully not the one I masturbate with... coz I am not sure about wanking with blisters... 

as the pain and the pleasure would cancel each other out, like those headphones that zap background noise... some things are just humanly impossible, like laughing while your dying.. crying during orgasm... or climbing a ladder with a bone on, with Your hands tied.. 

Pain is relative to the time it happens, when its in the past you dont feel it at all, but when you anticipate it, you can imagine it easily before you feel it?.. so next time Your expecting it, you'll think it is much worse than it really is... it is a necessary illusion in a world filled with potential Danger... some illusions are there just to convince you that You are really alive.. which apparently is the biggest illusion of all...

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