Monday, 25 June 2012

The Rape of Venus

Women are another country.. that Men are always invading... Occupying; then abandoning.. when they have plundered the wealth of it's fruit laden youthfulness.. leaving them scarred; polluted; barefoot.. and penniless to beg in the gutter without shame or dignity.. as a vagrant in their own homeland..

(on seeing Islamic Widows, begging with their Daughters, as after the Husband Dies, they lose all rights and inherit nothing.. scorned and spat upon.. living in fear and penury; in a Cruel World controlled by mean ignorant Men, who dont have the intelligence of the Women they despise.. thats why they enslave them, they know Women are an unknown force..)

What starts with pleasure end's with pain, as Women give birth to the World.. one drop of blood at a time... one sacrificial Lamb after another..

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