Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Internet Anthropology..

We are all doing it.. Digging in the dust for a slither of the past.. that unites with this present, out of a trillion layers of pages, You dig with Google to find the things that are not apparent, but are there... like people.. and places.. when you finally stop using a pseudonymous avatar that you hid behind... in "the instant past"..

it's all there if you look deep enough... though some people dont want to be found.. but left buried in all things lost and long forgotten... but to speak your name lights a fire in the Desert of grains that are digital information, and light.. attracts, life... to be studied, stalked, and Hunted...

to be a bullseye in a sea on anonymity... when your true identity is revealed, the net is a garden fence but all your neighbour's can see over it, and Your washing is blowing in the wind with not all stains washed out... 

Major Event's in June.. with Big Quakes a plenty... also the transit of Venus on the 5th-6th June, plus 2 Eclipses!.. the eclipse brings cataclysms apparently.. but You knew that already... plus Your lottery ticket comes up the day after You Die.... Life is gonna suck after that... Watch out in Hawaii and San Fran.. whole lotta shakin goin on.. spend all you have now... there will be nothing to buy by September..

My Advice.. Dig a Hole and live in it..

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