Thursday, 1 March 2012

Scared Witless..

Fear is the predominant Emotion that runs through me recently.. if Your tuned into the Doom laden Predictions of many a modern thinker.. i.e. Pole Shift, The movement of the Earth's Mantle, mega Tsunamis and mega quakes.. Niburu, the winged destroyer, the end of the Myan calender, 2012...

this is going to be one hellava year, it's actually on the cards, too many cultures and wise educated people already know it.. you only have to seek to see it really is an impending reality.. but then again, being afraid can be fun as well... that's why people go to horror films isn't it?... well you dont need to go to see it, coz it is coming to You.... ASAP... if March 22nd really kicks off I will be really frightened..

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