Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Prepare for Transformation:

The Purpose of Life Has been Forgotten and bastardised.. Once Water from the River was Pure, you could drink it without fear... it was held Sacred by the Original Americans, The True ones... not now.. there are no "true" Americans left, only Leeches who think they are.. most of America is populated with sub Human Excrement posing as Americans.. we/You Murdered 60,000,000 Natural Americans to Steal Their Country, Europeans Killed Stole the Whole Country and called it Their's... and in so doing we/they took life and sadly we never stopped, we did the same in Australia.. and turned the Original's in to wild alcoholics and murderer's.. We are a race of Rapists And Murderer's..

What goes around comes around.. and it will soon be time to pay.. what you think is Your's.. will be taken away... and Fuck knows You DESERVE it..

coz when Columbus came he brought all of Europe with him, eventually.. like the Spanish Infected South America and Raped it out of existence.. and murdered with impunity to steal all their Gold and desecrate their Culture...

Now Islam is Columbus in reverse, Who can stop the Oceans from washing on the beach..? Who can wash a blood stain from a silk/satin tampon... Who want's to, might as well throw it away, with the true nature of human culture.. hey we already did..

We are a Quick shake & bake Pleasure without measure, have it now to hell with the consequences kinda "Rat infestation" but the worst of these Rat's carry a plague called Islam.. the absolute anti information and destructive racist totalitarianism of undiluted hatred that outlaw the law's of nature to exist...

Bomb Mecca: Christianity is Shit, But Islam is Shit with Hot Chilli in it... Thats Why we need a War, Life has become a shaken bottle of Cola, it is ready to Blow!.. dont ya know... Sterilise all people with low to no I.Q. Idiots breed idiots, Euthanasia dont really work, it's messy and upsets the executioner's.. the Humane way to end a Culture/race/breed of Dog is to cut the tubes that makes the worthless give birth to more filth like them.. put it in their food, god knows they eat enough of UN Supplies... Eugenics is not such a bad idea, we Breed Dogs deliberately to create a particular "kind" so what's Your objection ?..

Are Humans really any different ?.. do you get the Electric Chair for killing a Mosquito?.. we use disinfectant to kill Bugs, so what is the difference?.. Morons are worthless, I know coz I am one... So why was I born?..

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