Friday, 3 February 2012

the Son of Rape:

You know that evil Peasant Mythology known as Christianity? well the only thing he/it is good for is blaming, His name is a Swear word, nothing more, all it deserves to be, What an Egotist !... the Son of God, My Ass.. there is no God to be a Son of.. He is the Son of Rape.. only the most foolish and backward people actually think it to be true, it is deeply misleading doubletalk..

There is nothing more wicked than the abuse of Children...
give a child "religion" and they are Corrupted for life...

Get This.. Christianity is based on RAPE, yes.. remember the Immaculate Conception, well just hold that thought for a minute, She had no Idea there was a bastard in her Womb, Why; because nobody asked her Permission?, She gave no Consent.. they did not consult her to see if She was willing to go through the pain and discomfort of Birth, So it is tantamount to RAPE, they just found a Young Bitch Whom they took Control of and decided to Use... Hello? that is the Definition of RAPE, to impregnate without given consent...

You see in those far off days, they had no Science.. which is the True and REAL gospel of creation, only fear of what they didn't understand.. so they were like open flowers ready for the plucking.. and they have been plucked in the billions.. and the Abused Children, grow up to be Abusers, (i.e. believers) they were threatened with eternal torment and the fires of Hell, if they didn't, and the fear of God was made manifest to them, by the willing cruelty of others..

Rape is the Key word in all of it, to teach Children the Bible or Koran or any other pile of malevolent nonsense is to Rape their innocence with a sinister Lie they will believe at an early age, and find hard to shake off later on, the sooner you Groom them to believe in Father Christmas or Jesus (no difference) the sooner they will COMPLY with your wishes, i.e. to Penetrate them with Misinformation and superstition, it's Curios how many Priests have a taste for literally raping Children, I know "I was one of them" there is no truth in any of their teachings, "give a Child Religion, and You ruin them for life..."

And as soon as You have Religion You are Divided from others who have different "beliefs" it is a control mechanism to keep you apart from reality, You have more chance of meeting a Good Person on Death Row, than any Church of God.. the only good people are deep undercover, but the bad spout Chapter and verse, while holding a gun to your temple... and kill in the name of a Prophet who told them to.. They dont ask questions, they are possessed with a fervent passion to convert and discriminate against anyone who is not like them..

To hell with religion, after all that is where it came from, the hell of twisted minds that force their opinions and practices on others... Taliban Catholic Muslim, the are all different but in essence identically the same... and Rape is at the Heart of it All.. to manipulate Dominate & Control.. So remember Jesus is just another Bastard like You and me, who were conceived by forced insemination, if that is not Rape, then there is no other definition to compare it with..

I rest my case.. Your Witness..

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