Monday, 2 January 2012

The last Hit... is the first taste..

The First kiss is the beginning of the longest goodbye, in Addiction, a love affair without love but great need to love a Drug without Relent... the one thing that gives You comfort, is waiting to kill You... and You rush to embrace it and fill your body with the pleasure of Release that cannot be satisfied any other way...

Love is life and Death simultaneously.. Who wants a happy ending?.. where everybody gets lazy old and fat.... the promise of Love.. "IS LOVE" it never get's bought, there is nothing to have.... there is no mortgage to pay off.. it is instant temporary, yet eternal.. inter-dimensional emotion's like Love, are time travel, in the land of the Soul... where few people survive to tell the tale..

it never get's to the end, it is always a permanent now, that no-one else can understand or see.. it is one personal vision that can only ever be seen and experienced by the one who feel's it's presence..

Choose Your Poison.. addiction is by definition unstoppable adoration of the thing You can never truly posses... Yet Always want....

Cocaine, Sex, money, even Affection all obey these law's... only the innocent who have never tasted the pleasures of the Body can be saved from it, but to be saved from it, is not to have lived at all... so get addicted as soon as You can... dont live in a box where nobody will ever find You to open it... the last girl who did was Called Pandora... and She lost all Hope and died alone... 

it is the destiny of things to be destroyed.. so seek the pleasure that has no equal, and be consumed in the moment that has no end... in a promise that can never be kept..


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