Sunday, 25 December 2011

Terrible circumstances

Folly... Stupidity, how many times have you heard that before.. Repercussions of actions cascade into a waterfall of consequences... Woe is me.. a Dead man is writing this.. an action last night had a re-action and that lead to a dark place where hope is utterly abandoned...

The Dead can speak, I just proved it... the worst is to be alive while you are dead inside... last night I died in many a manner of speaking... hope that pleases my enemies.. I took on the debt of free abandon and took a chance to many too far..

it is at times like this that Suicide becomes a Noble pursuit... as there is nothing left of me to actually destroy any-more... I am a Pate, all dessicated into a butter of soft spreadable dead meat.. Eat me before I go rotten...

Yup it's the black light of depression again.. I may not blog for a very long time... if at all... my brain is rupturing into a flood... of despair misery and the hard end of payback, that is the slap side of a condemned reflex beaten to a pulp..

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