Monday, 14 November 2011

Olivia Harrison

It is round about the 10th anniversary of George Harrison's Transcendence and ascendency into our eternal pop culture DNA.. I cant say I never knew him, I never met him, but I know that I know him..

His Wife Olivia said something that particularly reached into me... " in this life you have to perfect ONE human relationship, in order to really love God.. You practice loving God by loving another human, and by giving unconditional love"

WOW... know wonder Why he loved Her, She is Mexican, born in Mexico City.. and She is a Beautiful Woman who it is no surprise that He found such a Good Soul and loving partner..

Loving someone is your way to love God... I need to catch up on loving someone.. but I think it's too late to begin a long love when so little time is left...

love You George, will never stop remembering you till i forget to...
I wish I had known you in this life... but I am certain you will hold my hand in the next...

Hare Krishna.. Krishna Krishna Hare Hare..

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