Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Numbers, Age, time & Death..

The older One get's, the less time is left... Numbers gain greater significance.. and let's be honest long before even a lousy hundred, your mind is more likely to be in a jar than in your skull... and your entire life results in nothing more than Plant food.. thrown casually onto some random flower bed..

The mind is where you manufacture a temporary eternity.. i.e. the product of your thoughts and talents.. like good ol Shakespeare.. who will ever forget him..? but if all you did was wash dishes and breed bastards.. as soon as your eyes close for the last time, you evaporate and are erased like you didn't exist in the first place..

at 40 it is a shock... yet you get used to it, 'hey I got 10 whole years before I am 50', when you hit 50, that's quite a wake up call.. but you get used to it for the first few years, then like the Titanic... you are going full speed ahead into a dark night of deep cold unknown depths and hazards unexpected.. completely oblivious to the slaughterhouse Motel you are cruising toward at breakneck speed...

then one night while watching TV you get a sudden pain in the chest and that's it.. and because you live alone, you rot there for months until the smell of rancid meat alerts your neighbour's, and they break down the door to find a mouldy corpse covered in maggots.. with a pool of dried shit under your chair...

Life is a gas but it ends in a Horror show that hardly anyone gets to see.. so have fun while you can... and to hell with the consequences.. one consolation is, everybody gets the final bill... the one nobody can pay... the crazy thing is, You are already dead, and just remembering a life that has no significance whatsoever.. 

so let's party; for the Dawn is unstoppable.. 

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