Monday, 31 October 2011

Never Again

I am never buying another iPhone, why? because you never fully own it..!! Apple keeps too much control of your ability to use it freely, like a Nokia, they are whores for exchanging data with any device in the dark...

with an iPhone you can only sync with one pc at a time... yes.. that means you cannot add or deleate any songs or videos ring-tones you have already collected.. I had to reload windows, and my iPhone immediately thought i was using another pc, which means my control over it via iTunes is substantially limited... all because of their avaristic need to control little licences to feed the money sewer that iTunes is.. it tries to turn bad people good, by not sharing music freely... with pals..

yes I know there is oem software to get round it, but that costs money honey.. this is my first and last bloody iPhone... I dont appreciate being treated like a choir boy in the grips of a creepy bishop of false honesty... and dubious intentions..

I am sick of it, will be getting a Samsung galaxy s II when things allow... I have lost hours of painful adjustments and set ups because it thinks I am trying to do 'something' I am not allowed to do.. Apple's are for iDiots.... & rich Virgins..

my love diversion with Apple is over, that affair was a brief foolish infatuation.. coz her legs are so tightly crossed you cant get a playing card in her crack... and once you're in there is no way out but divorce and excommunication, prick teaser... the actual cost of an iPhone is less than $39 to produce..

what I am saying is Apple has become immoral and greedy to the point of tyranny... dont be a slave anymore, Android is the ''new world'' for individual data freedom to a harnessed slave of Apples dishonesty greed and an insular philosophy only populated with aspiring middle class wannabes who think its cool to be considered "privileged" to own an iPhone..

'Apple was the gift Satan gave to Eve' - to seduce her, so he could use the user, for his own ends... and suck her soul dry of its own will...  it's the old story of what started out as a benefit to all mankind, became the crack addiction to "Bespoke" electronics.. that are brand addictive... and wallet eating, for no good reason than their own arrogance...

Everybody should now know, SAMSUNG are the world leaders of the best value for Research money spent over product perfection, than ever 2 dick's in a garage are/were... their dream was utterly corrupted by self interest and greed..

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