Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Affect of Flowers on a Lonely Woman

The Effect of Flowers on a Lonely Woman, Makes God Look human, My closest neighbour..

That is to say by proximity, not intimacy, which you no doubt wondered.. but I bought all the women i know a bunch of flowers for Easter.. Some of them cried

after i removed my Boots from their Teeth... (thats a silly cruel joke, & i like to have a laugh..) But to switch sentiments at opposites and revert to melancholic stuff...

Yes, My favorite Neighbor got the best Flowers, Bright and Cheerful with harmonic colors, Girls see the transience of Life more closely than Worker bee Men, and they know the cycles of life, and Fertility, and death are all seen in Flowers, What You accept as a Sweet smelling Gift of life, Blooms Gives Persists, like a true love, and petal by petal reminds Her Seasons of the World, Life Birth and Death, the first Bud, the first Death, an Abortion is a flower that never made it.. Only a Female responds to the Hidden codec you cant forget..

Beauty Always dies, Unless it is ART = Which is artificial, HELLO? Love life and death is in the battle of beauty to give in till it's last breath... a Flower is always Sacrificed, to fulfill it's harvested destiny, Only a Woman Knows what a flower represents..

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