Saturday, 24 September 2011

Persona non Grata

Lovely phrase that says so much.. if you dont already know let me share my take on the dissemination of this powerful sentence...

When you are rejected because of reasons you were not previously aware of, & people unite against You, to despise you and make an outcast of You.. when you become repugnant because of mind body behaviour & loathsomeness, and lower in stature than Pigs genitals.. you are a "Person to give no favour or hospitality to" to give them nothing.. at all, not even to Squeese a boil on your back.. 
i.e. Persona non Grata:

When seen, people look and walk the other Way, they pretend not to see You, or countenance Your very existence.. and after Years of searching within and tearing off the masks of self deception, that You realise profoundly they were actually right.. and You see Yourself through a glass darkly, and the reflection Horrifies You.. a whole tapestry of errors and poisoned phrases You shouted, so confidently at the time... are echoing through your mind, and actions hysterical and violent, by Words and punches too..

Paranoia Does not Exist.. it's the Truth You mistook as an illusion... that is a x3 way mirror of the Soul, that is a window on Yesterday, that speck of spit in Your rotten heart... evaporates in the fires of the crematorium as your flesh twists over cooks and distends, your Brains boil in your skull and pop like a spiders abdomen.. till your red hot bones are ground and crushed in the grate beneath by a pulverisor, and often a hammer to break the skull to fragments..

it's one thing to say it, but another to be... Persona non Grata, try a little latin to spice up your life, it's fun descriptive and quite a party piece... In Vino Veritas, is an all time favorite of mine... so succinct & true... now go and find your own to play with..


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