Friday, 30 September 2011

the Death of Credit +

Go Getters Go out and Get.. 
and Takers Take all they can steal..

They dont Get to be the person they should have been, but miss the Chance Coz the Go Getters went out and Got the Dream, That the Takers took after the Go Getters got it, but They Got Taken.. And really got.. Got..

So the Takers Took themselves, cos all they could take.. was taken as Well.. and The GO Getters Got Taken by Taxes, who put Boxes in Big Yellow Taxis.. So the Go Getters Got Taken Too, coz they got Greedy and became Takers too... & Go Getters "Get Got", Then the Rest of us Pay for the Whole Bloody Lot....

they who sell the world, for a Promise they Could never Keep..
Will hear the screams of Children.. in the Damnation of their sleep..


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